Howdy! My name is Megan.

Personally, I am a country girl at heart.  I grew up in the farm fields of Ohio and the farm is near and dear to my heart. In March 2017, I got married to a wonderful man, Kyle, who loves and supports my silly farm life, my crazy ideas, and my love to continue to grow and explore. We have a young son, Landon so literally every day is an adventure! We live on a mini-farm and are growing it every single day.  As a family we love to adventure outside and get into all kinds of things.  We currently have lots of fruit and vegetables as well as chickens and two dogs that grow on our property.

Professionally, I started out in Housing and Residence Life.  I loved my career there but as my values changed and family became increasingly more important to me, I decided to make a switch from Student Affairs into Academic Affairs. I currently work where I help people find their purpose.  I serve as a coach, mentor, and a teacher.  I wear multiple hats.  I love helping people find their life’s path and become the successful person they know they were meant to be.

If you’d like to contact me, feel free to reach out via email at mcdelph@uncg.edu or megandelph@gmail.com



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